How to edit KAR files

I am not the expert on the MIDI editing, so please forgive me if I say something wrong. If you simply want to edit MIDI side of KAR file, you can use any MIDI editing software. I have been using Cakewalk Pro Audio, but it is quite expensive and does a lot of thing beside being a MIDI editor. You could probably check any MIDI-related shareware archive  to find something less expensive. On the other hand, if you are interested in editing karaoke part of KAR files, you need MIDI Karaoke editor.

What do I need to sell CD+Gs

song. It does not make a difference if you record the song by yourself. And sometimes it is event trickier, as different people can hold copyrights to the music and to the lyrics. Once there was a page that referred to all these subjects — I will try to dig it out and pass to you.
One thing is for sure — you do not need any special permissions to use our software for commercial CD+Gs if your music material is legal.

Why the song does not play on a karaoke machine

I am very surprised that BIN file does not work properly. I have tested it on several CD+G machines (Pioneer, JVC) and had no problems. There are several issues that may cause problems — maybe you tried burning with too high speed (try 1x), or you CD+G player does not like the CD+R brand you are using. Also I would double-check that the CD+G is burned properly — try reading a BIN file from the CD you have burned and see if it plays OK on your computer.

What will be new in Pro version of Karaoke CD+G Creator

So few words about the PRO version:  I hope we will be able to release soon. We are working on:

- importing CD+G tracks to reedit or modify them

- place bitmaps anywhere on the screen and mix the lyrics with bitmaps

- parallel duets

- CD+G preview

and more. I think it will be a useful tool for all professional CD+G people.

Simple version of karaoke duets

REQUEST: Make a left right and middle position of the text.

1-When singer 1 (green) sings the text is in the left side of screen.

2-Singer 2 (Blue) the text is on right side of screen.

3.When both are singing (White) the text is in middle of screen.

This makes it easy for singer to follow the text lyrics.

We are thinking of adding the similar feature in one of the future updates. At the moment you may achieve the same by inserting “Text settings” CD+G Event and choosing the alignment (left, right or center) and then inserting “Colors” CD+G Event and choosing the proper color.

Placing CD+G events in Karaoke CD+G Creator

PowerKaraoke allows placing CD+G events in your song to change the appearance of the CD+G song you create. To do this, you need to select Insert CD+G Event command from Edit menu or click Insert CD+G button on the Lyrics toolbar. You have a choice of four different controling codes — more information about them can be found in the documentation.

Can I create custom karaoke songs?

Yes, you can create your custom karaoke songs and save them to CD+G discs. I would suggest you tried doing this with the demo version you currently have. You may download a sample PowerKaraoke song (Mary had a little lamb) from our website and try if everything works on your setup. You need generate the BIN file, write it to CD-R and see if it works properly on your CD+G karaoke Player. All this can be done with the demo version you are using now.

What images to use in Karaoke CD+G Creator

CD+G standard requires that images contain no more than 16 colors and not larger than the screen size (288×192). If you use image with more colors, PowerKaraoke uses color reduction algorithm to choose 16 colors that would best represent the image. You may choose from four dithering methods, that also have impact on the result picture. To check what the image will look like you may use the ‘Preview’ button.

If you want to make the color conversion and resizing by yourself using image editing software, make sure the result image is 4-bit (16 color) BMP file. In such case PowerKaraoke will not modify the colors.

In general images that contain too many colors may look poor in the CD+G file. The best results are obtained using ‘cartoon-like’ pictures.

What is great about Karaoke CD+G Creator

1.) An entry and exit screen. I know you can do this with the “Display Picture” option and right now, this is working for me. However, it would be nice if the graphic could buffer the song (add some blank space to it) when the graphics is being displayed.

Yes, we will probably do that in the near future.

2.) I love the way you can clear the screen. This is such an easy feature yet none of the other products had this. However, it would be nice if the clear screen event could show up in the song editor. The reason is that I would like to control when the “Clear” takes place. Sometimes, the screen is cleared so quickly, it makes for a poor display. I got around this by adding a single character to the end of a line, and then swipping it just before I want the “Clear” to take place. I also colored the character the same as the background so no one can see the swipe. While this works, it is a little clumsy. I’m pretty sure it would be much easier to position the “Clear” the same way you do the words.

Our first idea was todisplay CD+G events in the soundtrack panel. But then we decided against it, as most of them are text-connected (like font change or colors) and need to be “anchored” in the text. As you mentioned, there may be a need for more precise placing of bitmaps or clear screens, so we will probably reconsider.

3.) Tour product does do some really nice swipes, but there may be times where some words could use a bit more control (faster at the front of the word, slower at the back)

It is there — you may divide the words using ‘-’ (dash). Note that you need to resynchronize the line you modified if the dash is entered after the song had already  been synchronized.

4.) This is not so important, but it is a nice feature… Allow a new event to change the palette, not just the new word colors. This would allow for fade in and fade outs. Allow timing for this feature (like I requested for the “Clear”). This request is really fluffy, it does add some nice effects.

This is one of the more advanced features — we will put it on the list of “things to do”, but it has to wait.

Karaoke CD+G Creator features

In my oppinion it is just the opposite — no other CD+G Karaoke package does allow inserting bitmaps at any place of the song by using “Display Picture” CD+G event (and yes, you may easily insert bitmaps at the start or at the end of the song — please refer to section “How to fine-tune a CD+G track” in documentation). PowerKaraoke also allows changing the font style or color anytime in the song — this is not available in any software package available. You may also freely play with alignment, number of lines, etc., not to mention possibility of inserting custom page breaks.

Maybe you have not checked the possibilities that CD+G events give? Please read the documentation and you will see that we do have it all.